About Us

Shenzhen Giesonwell Technology Co., Ltd. is One of the earliest manufacturers to provide wireless communication antenna products and services in China, always concentrate on the wireless communication antenna technology research and development, production, sales and services, Committed to providing the best solutions to the world’s wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers, and meet the market demand in a timely.

Shenzhen Giesonwell Technology Co., Ltd. has main items like:Indoor distribution system antenna, Base station plate antenna, Cell signal coverage antenna, Integrated base station antenna, Integrated decorative antenna, Internet of things antenna, 4G/LTE antenna, MIMO antenna, WIFI antenna, WLAN antenna, 2.4GHz antenna, WIMAX antenna, 4.9GHz antenna, 5.8GHz antenna, GSM/GPRS antenna, 3G WFA, GPS antenna, RFID antenna, and 433/315MHz antenna etc more than 1000 new items.

Shenzhen Giesonwell Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Digital Culture Industry Building, Science and Technology Park, NanShan District, Shenzhen, the headquarter of our company is located in a national enterprise incubator base, it has superior location and convenient transportation. It’s a 20-minutes driving to bao ‘an international airport. The total area of the factory is about 5000 square meters, and the total number of the enterprise has reached 200, among them, there are 20 R&D teams composed of R&D engineers, structural engineers, process engineers and mold engineers, has several production lines, a large number of international advanced production equipment: Wireless Calibration Equipment, Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer. It also has the standard microwave darkroom, antenna near field test system, remote field automatic test system, third-order intermodulation analysis instruments and other research and development equipment. Be able to make fast and high-quality customization and production according to customers’ different requirements.

Shenzhen Giesonwell Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the technology-based, customer-oriented business philosophy, our products are sold worldwide with low cost, high quality and strong specialty. It has been applied in different fields and has been well received by users. Let the world be connected and promote the progress of human civilization.We are proud to tell you that there is a PUFANG’ s Antenna anywhere there is a signal.